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GOOD FLEX™ is the new Industry Leader in the combination of highest quality and lowest cost Industrial Rubber Products available. The Trademarked name GOOD FLEX™ belongs to Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc., a over 75 year-old stalwart in hose, sealing, belting and more, which has been recognized with literally dozens and dozens of awards in our industry.

While many of our competitors have attacked the lower cost end of the market by bringing in containers of overseas products, which frequently vary in quality and specification, Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc. decided to develop our own line, which we proudly named GOOD FLEX™. Our development of the GOOD FLEX™ product line was done with one purpose in mind; to insure that each and every GOOD FLEX™ offering was of the very highest quality and to the toughest specifications, while lowering the cost to the user. We confidently offer our GOOD FLEX™ line at, or near, the low cost, lower quality, offshore offerings being brought in from all over the globe.

EVERY GOOD FLEX™ HOSE is manufactured in the U.S.A. or Canada, insuring that each process is repeatable to the vigorous standards that Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc.’s GOOD FLEX™ stands for in our industry. This provides GOOD FLEX™ users with a consistent, affordable product that performs as well as the expensive, big brand name lines, while lowering their costs to the levels seen with the “what factory can I get to make it THIS time” imported goods.

Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc.’s ever expanding offering of GOOD FLEX™ products currently includes our GOOD FLEX™ 300# Air & Water Hose, GOOD FLEX™ 150# Rubber Water Suction & Discharge Hose, GOOD FLEX™ 150# Petroleum Tank Truck Hose, GOOD FLEX™ 1233# Plaster, Grout & Concrete Hose, GOOD FLEX™ 150# Purple Reclaimed Water Hose, GOOD FLEX™ Heavy Duty Black Conveyor Belting and the newest addition to the GOOD FLEX™ line, GOOD FLEX™ 4000# Blue Pressure Washer Hose. Stay tuned! More to come!

If you, your company or your government agency are looking for the highest quality hose or heavy duty belting available at an economical price, offering the highest value in the industry, specify Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc.’s GOOD FLEX™ brand. Just dial 1-800-FOR-HOSE, or email, and let our team of experts know how they can help you today! You won’t be disappointed!

Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc. is excited to announce that our previous 49th Street Store location in Clearwater, has merged into our BRAND NEW CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS, less than a mile down the road. The same great products and services will be available, as well as MANY MORE at 11301 47th. Street North.

Thank you,

Eric Von Kaenel
Vice President
Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc.


An economical air and water hose, Good Flex is suitable for a wide range of industrial, construction and agricultural applications.

GOOD FLEX™ Water Suction & Discharge 150 PSI

Rubber Water Suction and Discharge hose for medium to heavy duty applications on either suction or discharge side of pumps.

GOOD FLEX™ Petroleum Tank Truck Hose 150 PSI

For use in tank truck and in-plant operations to transfer gasoline, oil ethanol blends and other petroleum based products up to 50% aromatics.Designed for gravity flow or full suction service.

GOOD FLEX™ Heavy Duty Black Conveyor Belting

Heavy Duty Conveyor belt series features a minimum 10:1 PIW (per inch of width) breaking strength to working tension rating. We utilize a Polyester / Nylon Carcass for limited stretch lengthwise..

GOOD FLEX™ Plaster Grout & Concrete Hose

PGC hose for use in plaster, grout and shotcrete applications, handling a multitude of materials being pumped to concrete structures, dams, tunnel faces, swimming pools, etc.

GOOD FLEX™ Purple Reclaimed Water Hose

A high quality general purpose water hose color coded in purple to identify for use with reclaimed water in both municipal and residential use.


Economical high-pressure washer hose, Good Flex is suitable for working pressures up to 4000 PSI.